About Us

About Us

Created with the future in mind, In May is an ethical Australian womens fashion brand that focuses on creating resort wear styled pieces.

The brand started in 2020 by Jaimi Meszaros, and focused on festival fashion, however it slowly transitioned into resort styled pieces, and followed a more 'everyday wear' approach. We are heavily concious on the impact of the fashion industry, and wish to do our part in promoting a more sustainable approach to it.

A large focus for the brand is on ethics and sustainability. The majority of materials are sourced locally or from within Australia, with only about 2% coming from an overseas supplier. We ensure you that we're providing the best quality in both the products and materials used, as we source from highly praised suppliers. We continue to use recycled or natural fibres over newly made polyesters or man-made fabrics, as this means we are only using what has already been made or is biodegradable.

We purchase small quantities of fabrics, allowing us to make limited runs, and preventing over consumption. We only repurchase fabric when required and restock popular items or basics. Occasionaly we will seek deadstock fabric for garments, which prevents these fabrics from ending up unused or in landfill.

We aim to do our best for you and the planet! By shopping with us, you are helping us move one step closer to our goal of becoming a leader in the sustainable and slow fashion movement!

Contact Email: inmaythelabel@gmail.com