About Us

At In May, we've envisioned a future where fashion meets ethics and sustainability, embodying the essence of resort wear with a conscious touch. Established in 2020 by Jaimi Meszaros, our journey began with a focus on festival fashion, evolving gradually into resort-styled pieces and embracing a versatile 'everyday wear' philosophy.

Committed to making a positive impact on the fashion industry, we are deeply conscious of our environmental footprint. As an ethical Australian women's fashion brand, we are dedicated to promoting a more sustainable approach to fashion.

Ethics and sustainability are at the core of our brand values. A significant portion of our materials are locally sourced from within Australia, however we do occasionally source fabrics straight from the manufacturers overseas. We prioritize highest quality, ethically made materials that come from acclaimed suppliers. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our preference for recycled or natural fibers over newly made polyesters or man-made fabrics, ensuring a minimal environmental impact.

To further minimize waste, we opt for small fabric quantities, allowing us to create limited runs and prevent overconsumption. Our fabric repurchasing is demand-driven, restocking popular items or basics only when required. Additionally, we actively seek deadstock fabric for garments, preventing these materials from going unused or ending up in landfills.

Our mission is clear - to do our best for both you and the planet. When you choose to shop with us, you contribute to our journey towards becoming a leader in the sustainable and slow fashion movement. Join us in shaping a more conscious and stylish future, where fashion and ethics go hand in hand.

Contact Email: inmaythelabel@gmail.com


About the Maker

A love for fashion came out of the love of being creative. Jaimi started her creative journey at a young age, learning to do some basic sewing to create clothes for her toys. After many years of her mums old sewing machine sitting in storage, she whipped it out in 2019 to create some clothes for a music festival. The love of sewing grew as she followed other women who had started small businesses selling their handmade garments, she thought "I could do that!"

She spent her holidays designing clothes, sewing endlessly to create stock and then finally launching her brand in 2020. Initially, the focus was on festival fashion, but Jaimi quickly recognized a mismatch with her deeper values. She was drawn to the idea of clothing with longevity, not just single-event wear. She slowly switched around the brand to incorperate linens, cottons and more natural materials to help begin the journey into a more sustainable approach.

By 2022, In May was fully boasting the slow fashion movement and embracing eco-friendly values. Jaimi's enduring love for creativity is matched by her commitment to excellence. She aspires to make garments that empower women to feel comfortable and confident while fostering a love for sustainable, well-crafted fashion. Each piece from In May is more than just clothing; it's a reflection of Jaimi's heart, hard work, and unwavering dedication to both fashion and the planet.